START (Student Agile Response Team)

You're not alone in this fight

Do you work or volunteer with a non-profit organization and have an idea for a project that would benefit your organization? Consider submitting a project proposal to work with the IU Student Agile Response Team (START). IU Corps will review your application to determine if your project is an ideal match for one of our START student volunteer teams.

We are working to leverage the vast skills, passion, and time of our students to more efficiently and effectively support our community in creating a better, stronger future. Keep reading to learn more about our process and the diverse skills of our student teams.

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Team Leads: Lisa-Marie Napoli and Mark Fraley

Political and Civic Engagement (PACE) students, within the College of Arts + Science, develop expertise in leadership, communication, effective citizenship, & public decision making. Here is a quick snapshot of their past work:

• Practicing facilitation skills to lead discussions about contentious public issues
• Supporting civic, non-profit, and government-related projects utilizing leadership skills
• Participating in electoral engagement projects such as voter registration, non-partisan voter education, and voter turnout
• Engaging advocacy skills to impact change
• Planning and implementing workshops on restorative justice, leadership, and other related topics
• Modeling and teaching civic skills as informed and engaged participants in democracy

Team Leads: Jenny El Shamy and John Racek

The Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design houses fourteen different areas in art, architecture, design, and merchandising. Some examples of their past work and ways they can serve include:

  • Graphic design (printed materials)
  • Signage, wayfinding design
  • Feasibility studies, architecture
  • Research/ideation, architecture

Team Lead: Alain Barker, Director, Music Entrepreneurship and Career Development

Jacobs is one of the most comprehensive and acclaimed institutions for the study of music. They play a key role in educating performers, scholars, and music educators who influence music performance and education around the globe. Their students may to serve your organization in the following ways or areas:

  • Music clinics for high school band and orchestra programs
  • Music clinics for choral ensembles and vocalists
  • Collaborative performances (from recitals to large ensembles) in community spaces
  • Audio recording clinics for emerging artists
  • Career preparation sessions for performing arts
  • Strategic planning for performing arts organizations and community committees

Team Lead: Courtney Bidwell, Director, Kelley Institute for Social Impact

Fostering social change is important to Kelley School of Business faculty, staff, and students. As the hub of social impact for business-minded students, the Kelley Institute for Social Impact empowers socially conscious undergraduate students to make a difference in local and global communities.

For more than 30 years, business-minded students from a variety of majors have used their skills to contribute to social impact organizations. Projects range from a single afternoon of brainstorming to a full semester of team consulting, and they span business areas including but not limited to:
· Marketing
· Digital and Social Media
· Branding
· Business Analytics
· Entrepreneurship
· Digital Technology Management
· Operations
· Strategy
· Consulting
· Sustainable Business
· Supply Chain
· Management
· Accounting
· Finance

Samples of previous student projects:

Net Impact projects
180 Degrees Consulting Engagements
Social Enterprise Engagement at Kelley Consulting Roundtables
Kelley Impact Competition


Team lead: Tiana Iruoje, Director of Student Engagement and Success

The Indiana University Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering is one of the world’s largest, broadest, and best technology and information schools.
We shape the future through interdisciplinary research and education that make the impossible possible and solve the problems of tomorrow today.

The students can do any of the following and more: build and update website, security and network upgrades, install different technologies to assist with any task one may have. The students are trained to sit down and help you complete any task within a specified budget.

Team Lead: Katie Beck, director of student affairs

Maurer School of Law was founded in 1842 and is the ninth oldest law school in the U.S. Students serve the community in the following areas: 

  • Landlord / tenant disputes via the Tenant Assistance Project
  • Advising and filing protective orders for victims of domestic abuse via the Protective Order Project
  • Tax preparation assistance via the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) project
  • Family law issues, including divorce, establishment of paternity, guardianship, adoption, parenting, and custody via the Community Legal Clinic
  • Intellectual property issues via the IP Clinic
  • Advocacy training for LGBT+ communities and allies; support for changing gender markers on official documents via the LGBT+ Project
  • Legal research and advocacy for incarcerated individuals via the Inmate Legal Assistance Project
  • Mediating disputes involving children in family law cases through the Mediation Program and Viola J. Taliaferro Family and Children Mediation Clinic

Lead by Brian Seavey, Director of Undergraduate Student Engagement, the O'Neill School brings together management skills, science, policy analysis, and the humanities. They focus on governing, managing, and leading. A sampling of skills include:

  • management
  • statistics 
  • microeconomics 
  • law 
  • budgeting 
  • community & economic development 
  • energy
  • environmental policy & natural resource management
  • health policy
  • information systems
  • international development
  • local government management 
  • nonprofit management 
  • policy analysis 
  • public financial administration
  • public management
  • sustainability and sustainable development

Team Lead: Tyna Hunnicut, Director, Early Field Experiences

The School of Education is known for preparing reflective, caring, and skilled educators who make a difference in the lives of their students in Indiana, throughout the United States, and around the world. Their students focus on the following projects and skills:

  • Educational consulting, curriculum development, instruction systems design, pedagogy
  • Counseling and Educational Psychology department that has a counseling center and researchers in various areas including Gratitude (and has been talking about using this as a tool during this pandemic)
  • IST and a Maker’s Space with a Maker’s Space head faculty leader
  • Higher Ed and Student Affairs specialists
  • Art Education – focus also on community art uses and using art in various settings to increase understanding and expression
  • Special Education – a couple of faculty and a graduate student have been working with schools on how to support SPED students in this quick transition and its importance despite the push to change the law to reduce this requirement
  • Our Maker’s Space made face shields with a Music Faculty member for local health folks
  • Our librarian is fantastic at working with faculty and students on educational research, grant writing, implementation and programming for undergraduate and graduate students

View some work samples from School of Ed:

Team lead: Marsha Hughes-GayAssistant Dean and Clinical Assistant Professor



Team leads: Alex Purcell,Director of Public Health Practice & Ta-Kisha Jones,Assistant Director of Health and Wellness Initiatives

School of Public Health-Bloomington takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to disease prevention, wellness, and teaching with an emphasis on robust, reproducible, and transparent research. Some examples of their past work include:

  • Statistical modeling
  • Epidemiological methods and research design
  • Population health and public health policy/research/assessments 
  • Intervention and program design/evaluation 
  • Behavior change theories and communication 
  • Planning & Management to Promote Health
  • Event planning
  • Recreation and leisure services 
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Human performance and athletic training

Team lead, Carlene Quinn, Associate Clinical Professor of Field Instruction and Coordination

IU School of Social Work is dedicated to developing competent, caring professionals who are qualified to assume leadership roles in social work practice, and who strive to enrich the lives of the people they touch. Their students enrich lives in the following ways:  

  • Community engagement
  • Active listening
  • Bridging diverse groups together
  • Needs assessments
  • Program development
  • Bio-psycho-social histories
  • Mini-mental health/depression/anxiety screenings
  • Care plans
  • Advocacy
  • Policy briefs
  • Broker/advocate for needs on behalf of those who aren’t able to
  • Socio-emotional support for children/teens/families who have experienced trauma
  • Outreach/Home visits/Hospice
  • Support group curriculum development and skill based delivery of services.
  • Coordinate small projects, etc.
  • Voter registration/ID processing/fraud prevention education for vulnerable folks
  • Disability applications assistance
  • SNAP benefits
  • Medicaid enrollment and prescription drug plans
  • Housing assessments, etc.

Eliza Erxleben, Director of Student Services

The Media School, which is housed in IU’s College of Arts and Sciences, provides a variety of community engagement opportunities. Field experience courses (X478) offer students a curricular option to apply their learning within communities around the world within the familiar structure of a for-credit course. Other courses integrate service-learning into the curriculum by pairing students with local agencies for in-class assignments.

The school also supports service-learning through Alternative Service Break trips, both internationally and domestically, through a growing partnership with the National Park Service. Media School students can participate in a variety of service-project programming driven by the school’s Experiential Education department. 

View some work samples from The Media School: