Create a Volunteer Posting

Volunteer Central Agency Guides

How to create a service/volunteer posting

After your account request in Volunteer Central has been approved and you have created your password, you can begin creating oppportunity postings.

This is the outline of the steps to complete this task. For more detailed instructions on how to post an opportunity, review the content in the accordian sections below. 

  1. Navigate and login to Volunteer Central
  2. Click "Create Opportunity Posting"
  3. Complete core posting form fields
  4. Select opportunity type
  5. Complete opportunity type specific form fields
  6. Identify candidate preferences
  7. Select posting logistics
  8. Submit form

Detailed instructions for posting a volunteer opportunity

  1. Navigate to Volunteer Central
  2. Sign into your account
    1. If you do not have an account or experience technical issues, review our Request an Account guide or contact us.

From the home screen, you have two options to create a new opportunity posting:

  1. Click “Create Opportunity Posting” on the right-hand-side of the screen in the box labeled “Opportunities.” This takes you directly into the opportunity posting form.
  2. Click “Opportunities” in left-hand menu and then click “Opportunity Postings” (will appear underneath “Opportunities” when selected.
    1. On the following screen, click the “Post an Opportunity” button in the middle of the white screen space. You may have to scroll down to see the red button.

Quick tip:

Before you get started please beware of some critical functions related to the posting form. At the top of the opportunity posting form, you will see three buttons, Submit, Save and Finish Later, and Cancel.

  • Submit will close out the form and send the data you entered to a system administrator for review.
  • Save and Finish Later will close the form and NOT submit it for review. You can access it later to edit and complete by navigating to the tab labeled Opportunity Postings.
    • When you re-enter the form, you have a new button option to Delete your posting draft.
  • Cancel will close the form and NOT save any changes you made.

Core posting form fields

  • Opportunity Title
  • Description
  • Location of Opportunity
  • Salary Level
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Posting Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Background Check Information
  • Approximate Hours Per Week
  • Attachments

Outlined below are the various types of volunteer and service opportunity types that are available:

  • One-Time Volunteer Experience
    • If you have multiple one-time experiences, you will need to create separate form requests for each experience.
  • Ongoing Volunteer Experience
  • Internship
    • We recommend that you also post these types of opportunities with our career services offices on-campus.  This will maximize your potential to reach the largest number of students. 
  • Project-Based (Student Only)
  • Course-Based Project (Faculty Only)
    • ALL requests will be shared with the Service-Learning Program and, as appropriate, the Center for Rural Engagement
  • Research Project
  • Domestic Service Trip (Alternative Breaks)
  • International Service Experience

When completing our opportunity posting form, trips (domestic and international) require additional form reponses.  Below are the additional questions we will be requesting:

  • Break Period
  • Program Partner(s):
  • Arrival Information:
  • On-site Safety: environment
  • On-site Safety: safety and security issues
  • On-site Safety: response/emergency protocols
  • Accommodations: housing
  • Accommodations: internet
  • Accommodations: transportation
  • On-site support: contact information
  • Social and Culture: activities and costs

Our opportunity posting form allows you to identify preferred qualifications. Please not this does NOT screen students, but rather allows a student to see and understand what you are looking for in a volunteer. We allow you to preference the following attributes: 

  • Degree Type
  • Class Level
  • Preferred Major
  • Preferred GPA
  • Desired Skills

PLEASE NOTE: National research demostrates that the top skills required for most opportunities are critical thinking, communication, teamwork, leadership, professionalism, and intercultural fluency.  ALL of our majors focus on and support a student to succeed in each of these areas. IUB values an academic experiences that are broad, deep, and interdisciplinary. Please keep this in mind when setting up your qualifications. 


Part 1

Our system lets you decide how you want candidates to "apply" for your opportunity. There are three student application methods: email, accumulate online, and other (recommended).    

  1. Email – each student will submit a resume and other requested application materials through the database and the system will auto generate an email to you with EACH applicant’s materials.
  2. Accumulate online – ALL students’ application  materials will be collected online
    1. If this option is selected and you want to view applicants, navigate to “Opportunity Postings” and click the tab “Student Applications” to see a list of students who have applied.
  3. Other (recommended) – You will provide custom instructions for a student to apply.  Other is the only application method that does NOT require a resume submission. This allows you to input a unique URL to your application process. 

Part 2

The system will ask you if you want an "Automatic Application Packet Generation" (yes or no). An application packet is a document that combines all of your applicants application materials into one document. This can be helpful if you have required applicants to apply online with a resume and cover letter. You won't have to download each document individually.

Part 3

Our system allows you to required the collection of other application materials which can include: 

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Unofficial Transcript
  3. Writing Sample
  4. Other Documents (you provide custom instructions)

After you click submit, you will receive an automated email from Volunteer Central  titled “IU Corps Service Opportunity Submitted, Approval Pending ” confirming your opportunity submission.

Please allow at least two business days for IU Corps to review the posting. Before the opportunity is approved, you are able to log in to your account and make edits. You are welcome to add as many opportunities as you would like, however opportunities are not available to students until they are approved by a system administrator.

Once your opportunity is approved, you will receive an email from our system titled “IU Corps Service Opportunity Approved.”