Request User Account

Request a New User Account

  1. Navigate to Volunteer Central
  2. In Sign Up section on right-hand side click “Sign Up” button 
  3. Complete and submit form

Next Steps

email-iconYou will receive an automated email from the system confirming your account submission titled “IU Corps: Account Request Received.”

stop-iconYou will NOT be able to do anything, including logging into your account or posting an opportunity, until your account has been reviewed and approved. Please allow at least two business days for account review.

email-iconOnce your account is approved, you will receive an email from our system titled “Your request for an IU Corps account is approved.” This email will provide directions on how to create a password and log in to your account. Please save these details.

Next step: create a volunteer posting 


Technique Issues and Solutions

After attempting to request an account or login, you may receive an onscreen error message that states that the email you entered already exists in our system. This may occur for the following reasons:

Possibility One

Bloomington Volunteer Network shares volunteer opportunities with Volunteer Central. We map these opportunities to organizational contacts and have created an account on your behalf. 

To gain access to your account do the following: 

  1. Click the tab labeled “Forgot My Password” above the error message
  2. Reenter your email address
  3. Click “Go"
  4. An automated emailed will come to your inbox with the subject “Volunteer Central Password Reset Request.”
  5. Click the link in the email to reset your password and login.

Possibility Two

You are requesting an account using your organization's general volunteer manager email account and someone else in your organization already requested an account. 

Solution 1: contact others in your agency to see if they have already requested an account with that username

Solution 2: follow instructions above and reset password

Solution 3: contact us to navigate through the issue with you

Solution 4: request account using an your email rather than the general organization's email