Volunteer Corps

Volunteer Corps is a community of students dedicated to volunteerism that seeks to identify opportunities to strengthen our university’s culture of service, break down barriers, and create meaningful change.

Volunteer Corps Board

What is expected of members?

Your role as a member of the Volunteer Corps will be to offer insights to best support students’ service experience while at IU. General members will be required to attend the mandatory semester mass-meeting, and participate in as many volunteer opportunities as possible. 

If accepted to serve on the Board of Volunteer Corps, these individuals provide an informed student perspective on the current service climate. Throughout the semester, board meetings will include brainstorming, researching, deliberating, and working together as a team to implement the ideas and goals of the mission of IU Corps. 

Board members are asked to attend and prioritize each mandatory bi-monthly meeting, contribute their ideas and opinions, and respectfully consider other ideas brought to the board. Members of the board are expected to serve an entire school year and appointments will start at the beginning of the fall semester and end at the conclusion of the spring term.

Members of the board are expected to dedicate 8-10 hours a month to Volunteer Corps including bi-monthly board meetings, subcommittee meetings, and events.